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Care and maintenance of your fur
  • Hang fur coat on wide strong hangers, this way the neck and shoulder line will retain shape and the weight distributes evenly. 
  • Do not store the fur product in a plastic bag. 
  • If the fur coat gets wet, shake it and hang in a cool well ventilated place. Do not hang the fur near the heat-emitting devices. After drying, once again, shake the coat well for the fur becomes fluffy. 
  • Do not leave fur near the heat-emitting sources. Do not spray with the means against moth, insects or other chemicals. 
  • Do not pin brooches to fur, do not use sharp jewellery to avoid holes. 
  • Don't carry hand bags very often, over your shoulder. They crumple and rough up the fur. 
  • Do not hold the fur coats in bright light, as they may discolour.